GTA V – Celebrity Photographer Mission

The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 2 – Don’t open the chest, Clementine!

Dead Rising 1 – Vietnam vet death scene

The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 1 – ‘Sneak away’ choice, Christa gets poked by spear

The Walking Dead 400 Days – Bonnie gets Shot

GTA IV – Testing out ICEnhancer

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons – The Giant with fungus on his back

WWE 2K14 – Super John Cena vs NWO Scott Hall vs Kevin Nash handicap match

Portal 2 – Look at all the switches

Batman Arkham Asylum – Bane breaks Batman’s Back (1993 comic throwback)

The Walking Dead Ep 3 – Kenny beats up Lee (one sided)

MindJack – What button throws a frag

Dead Space 3 – Most tense moments yet

Far Cry 3 – This guy reminds me of McAfee (virus scan CEO)

Dead Space 2 – Controversial Exploding Dead Baby scene

Saint’s Row 3 – Opening with Big Head masks (like Payday, Heat)

Assassin’s Creed – Rolling around in hay like a kid

Link of the Day – Grand Theft Auto 5 most expensive video game in history

Ride to Hell Retribution – Brutal throat slit scene

Max Payne – What happens when hitting welding tanks with a baseball bat

Homefront – Nice Frag setpiece

Troll Comics Ep 2 -

Troll Comics – Ep 1 (originally uploaded 2-6-2011)

SSX – Deadly Descents developer video blog part 2

Goldeneye – Pierce Brosnan Jumping off the platform

Crackdown – Awesome Physics

Papers Please – Guy is like Fedor or Freddy Krueger

VLOG – Dog wash, Kevin Rose Raccoon video, Butterflies mating


Prototype – Trendy in Manhattan